You Live, You Learn… Lessons Learned this Year

Since the end of the year is coming faster than we would like, I thought I would let you all know what lessons I’ve learn this year.

They say you learn something new every day, whether it’s something small or something big and you may not realize you did learn anything, but I bet you did.

There are no affiliate links contained within this post. All opinions are my own and I provide the links to the curious and the readers who are looking to find something helpful within their lives and businesses. 

Below are some areas of my life and what I learned this past year within those areas:


Home is where the heart is… it’s also where my children are, my bills, and all the problems that come with owning a home…


Family is everything. Not that I didn’t already know that, but a reminder is sometimes needed when you are so busy time flies before you sat down to enjoy time with those you love. The balance between work, home, and life can be difficult, but is essential to provide the necessary attention to each. I’ve learned that I can write in the morning or evening. At first I thought my focus was only good in the early morning, but lately to adjust to schedules, I’ve found I can write in the evening. (Especially when I have virtual write-ins to help such as WordNerds) I’ll play one of their many virtual write-ins to keep me focused and get as many words down as I can! I love it!!


I’ve found that my kids will surprise me at every turn. It’s amazing what you will learn and notice when you take the time to watch, listen and participate in what your children are up too. Their generosity, creativity and sometimes their attitudes astound me. I love playing games with my children and discovering what they learned from their studies or everyday life. It really is amazing… and entertaining!


When you own your own home, you never know what will go next. (And that goes for cars as well.) Our home is quite old and we originally planned to fix it up and bring back the old charm of the building, but we have been here for over nine years and we have painted the kitchen twice, replaced a few of the cabinets and redid the kitchen floor. Some days I feel like everything is going wrong with our him, but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Owning our home has taught us so much about loans, our finances and what is needed in maintaining it, it has become a great lesson for our children as well as they see what we go through with owning it.


To make money… What money?


The one thing you need, but it the one thing you never want to do.


We, and when I say we, I mean my husband and I, have tried working with ads (Facebook/Amazon), but they only time we saw any difference was when we invested quite a bit of money. Now, we did do research before creating the ads and posting them. It’s something we can look into when we are better established, but as for now we are going to stick with other forms of marketing such as my text topic.


Though this one has been really hard for me to start, get subscribers and then provide great content that I put it off for so long. I finally created a giveaway to gain subscribers and promote my books and store items. Now I need to continue to send great content and that is my problem, but don’t worry, I’m creating a schedule to keep you all up to date on everything! Plans are great!!


One of my newest additions to my products is my new online store. There you can find book, series, and character related items to fill your home, your hearts and your lives. I am so looking forward to adding new items as books are released, along with any other book related item I believe will improve your day, lives and homes!! You can check it out HERE!


I am really excited about this one, I have some thoughts on another product for you to love and enjoy. So excited that I will be keeping this one to myself and will announce it when the time is right, but know that I am working on it and hope to get it out as soon as possible. Want to get updates on this and other things happening over here? Sign up for updates HERE!!

New Programs

The joy of the new thing(S)


I just stumbled onto this one and right now I am loving it. This email service provider and with all the features at a lower cost, I couldn’t be happier. I love the drag and drop feature, as well as creating landing pages right from the same software. I love that everything is in one place. Want to check it out? Click Here!


Scrivener is a program I have had for over a year, but I have to say it is my most used software for my business. It does take a little bit of time to get used to, but I won’t use anything else. I love the project targets where it will keep track of word count, characters, or pages within a document. The ease of moving chapters and scenes if fantastic and I can set targets for each scene and chapter if I like. There is so much you can do with his software. I love it!!




YNAB (You Need A Budget)

I have to give credit to my sister Tamara for introducing this program to me. This one definitely took some time getting used to, but we are really amazed by it. It’s like having envelopes to place money into for each category (or bill, account, and extras – like vacation) and save money by adding to each when you get paid. There are an array of tutorials online that I have fully taken advantage of while learning about this program. One thing I like is that I can create more than one budget, so I can create one for our personal account and another for my business all on the same software. At $50 a year we found it completely worth the investment. Learn more about it HERE!


Something we can all use more of…


I’ve come to realize that like most new authors that it takes patience when writing or re-writing a book. I’ve now decided to do a full re-write on two of my books, but feel it is totally necessary for the plot of the stories. So, now I’m writing three books to keep up with my series. I dislike the thought of having to re-write books. Sometimes it is necessary to make the story the best it can be.


Editing my own books it one of the most tedious tasks for me and takes me so long to get through. I realize it will take time now after going through it three – four times  and it has taught me to be patient even with myself as I work through plot holes, consistency and other factors.


Publishing when I first published my books went so well it was amazing really. Then when I decided to redo one of my covers and resubmit it, when I did I ran into a snag getting it republished to Ibooks which rejected it. Hence the need for a slight re-write on that book. I guess when I started I didn’t pay attention to submission guidelines for the distribution I wanted. I’ve learned to keep a copy of guidelines close at hand to be sure my books don’t violate them. In this case I had to have someone tell me exactly what the problem was so I could fix it and resubmit it. It will be back up on Ibooks soon!


One of the things I really struggled with was finding the right planner and though I am a very creative person I didn’t want to take time to create my own. Well, guess what? I ended up doing just that. I figured if I wanted a planner that worked for me in my home and business I had to create the darn thing myself. It’s quite simple but has all the things I feel are important to my home/personal and business all in one place.


When I first started writing fifteen years ago, I had no way to create accountability. I would write off and on and it became more of a hobby than a career choice. Creating a plan and sticking to it has become a part of my daily routine. I have a calendar with my blog posts, writing fun topics, writing/business deadlines in one place so I can check them off and get notified when something has become late. It’s a great feeling to stay up to date and not fall behind.

Comfort Zone

Man, if I could get out of my comfort zone, things would be soooo much better and easier. With anything else, this area is getting better, slowly, but it is getting better. I’ve branched out and my goals for next year are to step out even further. We shall see how well I adjust to that come next year. As for this year, I have made some major steps forward with communication with my readers and others. With accountability, my goals, projects and everything else is put into my calendar with due dates and deadlines. I feel pretty good for next year!

I’m sure there is so much more that I have learned this year, but I didn’t want to bore you with a novel on that. What have you learned from this year? I would love to hear from you!!


Traditions Make Seasons Exceptional


Traditions have built our nation and our lives to be what they are today. If you ask anyone you walk up to if they have a tradition, I bet they could name at least one if not more traditions their families participate in. Let’s dive in a bit deeper, shall we?

What are they?

The Dictionary explains Traditions as long-standing or transmission of customs or beliefs from one generation to another. To give or hand over for safekeeping.

Reasons for Traditions


The languages we speak or learn to speak are passed down from generation to generation. It’s a part of our heritage, something to keep alive from ages past. What languages can you speak? I am fluent in English, of course, but I would love to learn Gaelic. My children are learning Chinese and Japanese and in turn my husband and I are learning some as they learn.


The sports we watch or participate in started somewhere, right? They have been played for so long they are continued throughout the years and celebrated during certain times of the year. The Superbowl, The World Series, The Stanley Cup Finals, and Basketball Championship to name a few are very popular.


The holidays we celebrate are those that have been established and passed down from year to year. Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, The Fourth of July and many more have been celebrated each year to recognize different events and victories in our nations history.

The Arts

Music, plays, performances and more have been enjoyed for years. There is no finer entertainment than the performances on a stage.


Food is one thing that never changes and yet always changes. Variations of dishes, how to cook them, their ingredients and how the dishes are served are traditions within many families. What food you eat when such as Turkey on Thanksgiving or in my family a rotation of ham, lasagna, another dish I can’t remember each Christmas.


Though fashion changes throughout the years, there are records, plays, movies, even photo galleries and events that keep the tradition of long gone wardrobes alive. Who would love dressing in clothes from the 1930’s for a day?


Your beliefs and customs have been passed on since time began. Every religion has a story of how it started along with events that occurred throughout history. These stories are passed down to our children and will continue as long as we continue to pass them on.

Importance Of Tradition

Creates Identity

Traditions teach and provide younger generations with stories, tales and customs of where their family came from, their religion, and their culture. Stories are the best way to pass on traditions.

One such story we have is back in 2008 one of my sister’s was uncertain what she wanted for Christmas. My parents gave her a gift that unbeknownst to them would create a tradition that is still going today. They wrapped a fruitcake (one of those long rectangular ones you can purchase from any store) in a box with rubber bands attached to it. My dad had fun asking us to shake in and guess what was inside. My thought was bouncy balls. To this day every year that same fruitcake has been wrapped up many different ways including mailed to the receiver, buried in a box of coal, had a candle formed around it, and in a giant stuffed bear that apparently pooped out the fruitcake. It is event we cherish and share together every year, which leads into the next topic…

Family Connection

Traditions can enforced and strengthen family connections and ties. If you have a larger family as I do, you may have a family reunion where you can connect with all those relatives you haven’t had a chance to see in a while. Or perhaps you take a trip every year as my sisters and I try to. We go to a cabin or resort for a few days to a week to catch up, have fun and strengthen the bonds we have as sisters.

Teaches Values

Through rituals, customs or family stories you can impart on your children the values and moral aptitude you desire your child to receive as a young one. Reading to them at night, praying each morning and before bed, and daily family activities can impart upon them the values they need to become amazing adults.

Hand Down Religion and Culture

The teachings of your culture and religion will not continue unless your young ones or even older ones don’t hear the stories, revelations, testimonies, and culture from you. It gives them a look into the past as they learn about how their family came to be, how it formed and grew to be as they are today. Don’t let that slip away.

Creates Fond Memories

Just like any memory; actions, stories, and tales are attached to them. Create lasting memories with your family and your traditions will continue to bring joy and happiness as the years move forward.

Some of our Traditions

Would you like to hear about some of our traditions? Click here and you can see what our family is up too!

What are Your Traditions?

I would love to hear about your family traditions! Do you have something unique that you pass around as we do?

10 Fantastic Gifts for Writers

The holidays are approaching fast and I wanted to not only give my husband some hints on things I may like for Christmas, but I thought I would give some ideas to those who are searching for creative and unique gives to give the writer on your list.

Note: No affiliate links are contained within this post. All thoughts and opinions are solely those of the author and provided for your benefit.

Let’s get started:

1) Smens (Price Unavailable)


Pic Credit:

If the writer on your list is a pen person like me, they will love these scented pens. Enjoy some of your favorite scents as you write that next big novel, notes, or use them for fun doodles! Click here to check availability.

2) Bag in a Bag Liner with Pockets ($15.65)Bag Bag

Photo Credit:

What writer wouldn’t want to be as organized as possible when traveling? And the more organized the better, but that’s just my opinion. This nifty product offers the solution to that messy unorganized bag. Everything has a place and is easily located. The perfect travel companion for any writer. Click Here to check it out!

3) Custom Pencil Sets

($23.23 CA)


Shakespeare Pencils

($10.64 CA)


Sherlock pencils

Photo Credits: (six0sixdesign and MisterScribles)

What better way to write those notes, stories on paper, or anything else for that matter with Pencil sets with your favorite writer/character sayings on them. I, myself love Sherlock and hope to order these when the come into stock, as of right now they are out. 😦

If you take a look around and knew your writer’s favorite author/character, what a treat they would make to their desk! Check them out Here and Here.

4) USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard



Pic Credit:



Pic Credit:


Now this is definitely more expensive, but I just couldn’t help myself. If the writer on your list likes the nostalgic or even the antique they will absolutely love this! The feel of a typewriter with the tech of today. It’s a win-win. Visit the sites Here and Here.

5) Paperback Fragrance ($6-40)

Paperback fragrance

Pic Credit:

Is that writer on your list always commenting on the the feel and smell of books as they read, unfortunately with technology racing forward paperbacks have been replaced by computer screens. Though I love to hold and read actual books, I do tend to read on my Ipad because it’s more convenient. Someone was listening when all of us book lovers mentioned wanting the environment of reading a book. Now you can get the scent of paperback! You can choose from oils, lotions, perfumes, etc. Perfect for the recipient!

Click Here for more information!

6) Classic Book USB ($29.95)

Book USB

Pick Credit:

Now if the writer loves the classics, this is perfect. Pre-loaded with 3000 classic novels, they have the ease and convenience of inserting it into a USB drive and just reading! What could get better than that?!

Click Here to give the gift of a library on one small drive!

7) Desk Organizers ($17.99)

Decorative-Library-Books-Design-Caddy-Pencil-Holder-Organizer-with-Bottom-Drawer      Typewriter Pencil holder

Pic Credits: (MyGift and Bellaa)

What better way to display those pens and pencils from above than a new desk organizer or pencil holder. Grab one that resembles books or one that resembles the classic typewriter! You can see them Here and Here!

8) The Writer Box (£29.95)

Writier Gift Set

Pic Credit:

If you are looking for a gift set to surprise the writer, here is one they will love! Included is an A5 leatherette notebook (your choice of colored edging), A black and silver balloon pen engraved with the phrase, “Go Away I’m Writing.”, a handmade wooden door sign with the same phrase, and fuel pack with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits.

Bonus Extras include: An original design bookmark, a secret ‘Note to Writer’, their little card of writing prompts and inspiration, and a special selected literary postcard.

Now you will be one awesome friend or family member in their eyes as they open suck a great gift! Learn more Here!

9) Mugs ($13-20)

Book Mug

Pic Credit:

Now I know mugs are one of those things on everyones list of things to get for writers and authors alike and for good reason. There are so many in so many different designs. You can’t go wrong with a mug with some book related words of inspiration no matter what your writer is drinking.

Search for book mugs and you will find a huge selection!

10) T-Shirt/Sweaters ($15-30)

Book shirt

Pic Credit: (Shirts-are-cool)

Again, shirts are another one of those I see common on these lists for the same reason as the mugs. There are so many to choose from, you will definitely find a great one for the writer in you life!

Browse amazon for “book shirts” and you find plenty to choose from!


From the inexpensive to quite expensive there are unique gifts for every budget! Hope this helped you find a great gift for someone you know or a gift for yourself! Have any ideas not on this list? Add them in the comments! I would love to add them!


NaNoWriMo: What to do… What to do…

It’s getting to be that time of year again! That time when aspiring and published authors alike bunker down to hammer out another novel in 30 days. Drinking caffeinated beverages and staring at a screen for hours and days on end, typing until their fingers get tired. Yep, you guessed it!

NaNoWriMo is back and authors all over are preparing to sit and write that first, fourth, or eighteenth novel and I say “Way to go! I will be right there with you!”

Though we may not write for the same genre or be in the same state, you know there are others like you trying to get that piece they’ve been thinking about for weeks, months or even years finally down on computerized paper. (Or notebook paper and then the computer) No matter the process, your endeavors are inspired by others who came before along with those joining for the first time.

So, what am I doing for my NaNoWriMo project this year? You might ask: Will I continue the Conquer E.S. Series I’ve been working on? Will I start a new project? Or will I finish that one I’ve been working on for years?

Well, right now I will be continuing the Conquer E.S. Series with Close (Book 4)!

Cloe is an American actress who has used her talents and unique looks to gain her position on the big screen. Though her life is full of fans, agents and more, she is always alone. The fight to gain popularity in the cinema world is not overtaken with the fight to save not only her life, but the life of her enemy; a co-star striving for her seat at the oscars. Just when she didn’t think it could get worse he body react to the man in a not so unpleasant way as the pain raging within intensifies. Not to mention the appearance of a group who insists they can help her. Now she must decide whether to trust her heart and the ones who say they can save her from the beast raging within.

If you would like to join this year click here: JOIN NANOWRIMO

*No this is not an affiliate link. I’m just looking for more authors to join me on this amazing journey!


Do you plan to join us this year? What are your plans for NaNoWriMo? Will you write a Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Historical? Or perhaps  you dream of a space adventure, a journey to a new world or a deep sea quest! 


Conquer E.S. Series Giveaway!

First things first:

In conjunction with the release of Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 3), I am hosting a fantastic giveaway with some awesome swag.

The best part ~

You have a chance to win all three paperbacks, plus all three digital downloads of the series! What could be better than wining a new exciting series to read and enjoy?

Why some awesome items to go along with those cool new books!


Here is what you will receive if you win this fantastic prize:


Conquer Giveaway

  • Signed Paperback – Raylynn: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 1)
  • Signed Paperback – Blessing: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 2)
  • Signed Paperback – Jazzmine: Conquer E.S. Series (Book 3)
  • Your choice of MOBI, EPUB, PDF or DOCX version of all three books.
  • Conquer E.S. Tote Bag
  • Conquer E.S. Bookmark
  • Conquer E.S. Spiral
  • Pack of Colored Pens


Let’s take a look at these amazing women:


b7830-jazzmine2bfinal-2A nurse at the local hospital, Raylynn Bormarlian provides comfort and love to the patients she treats. But something inside keeps her from accepting the same love and comfort from others.  As memories of the nightmare she experienced long ago return, Raylynn is forced to confront a man that created so much misery, pain and anguish to her younger self in order to find what is hidden deeper in her soul.

Jynx Luminar is a top operative in an elite force determined to protect those with unusual powers and are in need of assistance returning to society after traumatic events. Assigned to protect and train the woman he once caused so much pain, he must find a way to tell her his secret before he loses her forever.

From their first scent, Raylynn and Jynx could not resist the attraction simmering between them.  Yet, Raylynn must face what has become her worst nightmare to forge forward with Jynx without fear of the past. Will they overcome their demons once entering the lab of a man who haunted her dreams and caused a terror so great she no longer willed to live? Will he find the courage to tell her of his past?




A bookstore owner with social disabilities, Blessing Morgan desires a life of interaction, enjoying the company of others rather than her dismal life behind a computer she can hardly handle. As a man from her past re-enters her life, Blessing is forced to seek help from a disheveled, but handsome Inspector.

Knight Campton, a local inspector for a small town searches for any and every clue to the young brother who was kidnapped years ago. Determined and faithful that his brother still lives, he takes a case that will put him closer to finding his missing sibling than ever before.

As they work together to bring down the man responsible for creating havoc within Blessing’s small life; they realize that the man Blessing is trying to stop and the one Knight has spent his life trying to locate are one and the same. How will Blessing deal with the man who wants to repeat her past and the man she is falling for? How will Knight react to finding his long lost brother and his role in torturing the woman he’s come to love?




She is an outcast in a town that has deemed to call her a beast and monster. Jazzmine Levant keeps to the shadows where she uses her talents to blend in with the darkness she welcomes as home. Her life turned upside down years ago when one mistake ended her in the hands of a monster, but one person made it all bearable until she was rescued and he fled. The pain and fear rush to the forefront as she is reunited with the man she needs to live, but refuses to see.

Brady, finally reunited with his family after so many years has been sneaking out to communicate with his team of highly trained hunters. He relies on them to have his back until he realizes they have been using him the whole time to get close to those that were affected by Dr. Simonson’s experiments. What they want, he must find out before he can resume his life beside his woman.

From the beginning, they had a connection deeper than friendship. The events in the lab slowly tore them apart as the experiments continued. His blood now running through her veins and his power now flowing through her. Will he be able to save her as her body struggles to cope with the intrusion or will their pasts ruin them forever?


Now To Enter:

Now that you’ve seen what you can win and learned about this series, I bet you are looking for how to enter:

Well, I’ve got you covered! Click the link below and you will be directed to the entry form!

Click here to Enter

If you would like to keep up to date on this series and upcoming books (Next installment: Cloe ~ Due in December!) click HERE where you will get Book 1 for free today!

Jazzmine Now Available!

After late nights and long days writing and editing and revising, I am glad to announce that Jazzmine (Book 3 of the Conquer E.S. Series) is now available for purchase!

Book 3 of the Conquer E.S. Series follows Jazzmine Levant, a drifter tormented by her past and the town who despises her, dubbing her ‘The Beast.’ Determined to live despite the towns rejection, she survives the only what she knows how, within the shadows. Will she find love, and can she keep it or will it slip through her fingers like the shadows that surround her. 

If you haven’t read Book 1 or 2, I recommend starting with those. They are listed below with links to download. 

If you’ve read 1 and 2 and are ready to meet Jazzmine, you can purchase it HERE!

Sign up for our free newsletter and receive book 1 for free! You will also catch new releases, chapter samples and more!! Enjoy the Journey!!

Need to get the first or even the second book in this series? You can get them below!

Book one features Raylynn Bormarlian: a young nurse determined to face her past while discovering what really happened years ago that caused her world to collide with a handsome agent, an elusive team of operatives and a world she didn’t know existed. 

Follow Raylynn as she discovers she is not alone in a world of fantasy, shifters and a secret that will changer her forever…
Now available on Amazon Unlimited for Free!Barnes and Noble, Ibooks and more coming soon. Click here to download Raylynn – Book 1 for FREE!

Book two features Blessing Morgan, a bookstore owner must rely on the assistance of a private investigator to fight her past and come out in one piece.

Both must come to terms with their past along with what is hiding beneath the surface. 

Now available on Amazon Unlimited for Free!

Barnes and Noble, Ibooks and more coming soon. Click here to download one or all of them!

If you would leave a review of any and all you download, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would love to hear what you thought! head over the the contact page and let me know! Enjoy the Journey!!

Creating Characters

Creating characters can be a daunting task if you have no plan in place to guide you. Especially if you have more than a few characters and plan to continue on to a series. Planning their internal and external makeup will help to keep your characters original and unique.

Untitled design

Below are some techniques/questions I use when creating my characters. Please feel free to use this information along with the worksheet provided below for your own characters.

Before you start thinking of your character as a full blown person, you should ask yourself some much needed questions. Now, this is what I do in a sense (I follow the outlined character sketch attached) but here is a more in-depth description.

Now, if you have an idea of what your character will look like by all means, fill in that information. Some of my characters I have an idea of what they will look like before even giving them a name. If not, let dive in so we can create a fantastic character!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking of your characters. This relates to main characters as well as secondary characters.

Note: I will refer to my book Raylynn, the first book in the Conquer E.S. Series as examples.

What have they gone through?

What events have brought them to where they are at the beginning of your story? What has lead them to the position they hold or the quest they are about to embark on? What cause and affect relate to the events now crossing the path of your characters?

Ex. As the story begins it tells how Raylynn has grown up being told the accident that stole her memories was the result of a simple car crash, but she is about to find out that, that is not the case as an event causes the memories to flood back into view.

What are they trying to accomplish?

What is your character trying to accomplish throughout the story? Is it emotional satisfaction? A journey of revenge? A quest for peace and closure? What does your character want by the end of their journey?

Ex. Raylynn has believed she was in a car accident, but when she finds out that her accident was something far more horrific, she becomes determined to exact revenge for what really happened.

Who are their friends and family?

Give their family and friends names and ages even if they are not in the story. This will give you a better idea of how your character will react around those they interact with.

Ex. Raylynn has a brother who she sees often and has kept the real events of her memory loss a secret. Knowing my character will tell me if she will show anger, sadness, frustration, or forgiveness when he finally explains why he kept such vital information to himself.

What do they do for a living?

What occupation will they have? And how will it impact the story as it plays out?

Ex. To be honest, Raylynn was originally intended to be the secretary of a large firm, but eventually and by choice of the character while writing decided to become a nurse at a local hospital instead, which explains her role further along the story as well as within the series.

Are they human, half human, another species entirely?

This I believe gets put on the wayside when creating characters of the fantasy/paranormal realm. I fully believe what your character is (if not human) should also be mapped out before writing to flesh out quirks, abilities and emotions/reactions associated with the Other as the story/journey progresses.

Ex. Raylynn discovers that she not only holds that of a fox shifter within her DNA, but also that of another surprise species she is just learning to adapt to by the end of book 1. Her actions and emotions resemble that of the fox she holds within, which is a vital part of who she is.

What are their quirks/abilities?

What quirks, abilities, habits, mannerisms does your character have as a person as well as their Other (if applicable)? Do they react or have quirks like tapping their fingers when in deep thought, running their hands through their hair when frustrated, or babbling/biting their nails when nervous? If they are of another species, what characteristics show through?

Ex. Since Raylynn is a fox shifter her body adapts as such. Her quirks and abilities consist of stretching her fingers, the ability to move her ears and nose, heightened sense of smell and sound.

What are their flaws/pet peeves? 

What qualities do they posses that make them appear realistic? No one is perfectly created without flaw, so what flaws do your character posses? What things do they find irritating, annoying, frustrating?

Ex. Raylynn is very insecure at first, fidgety and paranoid. She also hates when others continually tap on surfaces and snap their gum.

Are their any unique qualities to their description?

Does your character have any distinguishing marks or qualities about them?

Ex. Although Raylynn was born with brown hair and brown eyes, when her fox shows through her appearance shows deep red hair and amber eyes. Along with the uncontrollable appearance of claws on occasion among other aspects of the fox.

What conflicts are they trying to overcome? 

This should be specific with internal and external conflicts? What is happening on the inside and outside that is getting in the way of your character accomplishing their goals within the story?

Ex. Raylynn has to deal with the fact that her family lied about her accident even if it was to protect her while having events of her past rear their ugly heads to cause more conflict to her everyday life.

There are many more aspect of a character you can flesh out, but I believe these to be some of the more important ones.

If you’re looking for a guide to assist in fleshing out your characters click HERE to download the template I use in Scrivener or the PDF version.

If you are dying to read Raylynn now that you’ve had your interest peeked, you can download it for FREE HERE!

What is one thing you believe is important when developing a character? Something I could add to this list? Share it below!